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Advanced Security + Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Advanced Security + Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

We understand that you need to balance offering effective services with meeting different requirements and budgets. We also know that you need an advanced security solution that can rightsize margins and in-house skills, is multitenant, SaaS based, offers better security outcomes — and — focuses on the right amount of automation and ease-of-use for rapid turn-up and scale across multiple customers and their unique environments. Acronis Advanced Security + EDR is an MSP-class solution delivered as part of a single, integrated platform. As a part of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, you can build modular security services while supporting your customers across the NIST framework of IDENTIFY, PROTECT, DETECT, RESPOND and RECOVER stages for true business resilience.

Organizations of all sizes need advanced security controls to combat today’s cyber threats. But unfortunately, most EDR/XDR solutions capable of countering these threats and risks are too complex and costly to operate. Moreover, they require multiple point solutions for complete protection and businesses continuity. With Acronis there’s a better way.

Designed for service providers, Acronis EDR enables you to simplify endpoint security — rapidly detect and remediate advanced attacks while ensuring unmatched business continuity. Eliminate the cost and complexity of multiple point products and enable your team with one complete cyber protection solution that is simple to manage and deploy.

With more than 60% of breaches now involving some form of hacking, businesses must now turn to advanced security solutions and providers to help them combat today’s sophisticated threat landscape. However, most-market leading EDR/XDR solutions capable of countering these threats introduce.

Unfortunately for service providers just starting a practice, the skills and expenses required to run their own MDR service may be out of reach. For providers with established security specialization, they may find trying to build their MDR services with market-leading solutions prices them out of their midmarket or SMB customers — only to find themselves also competing with the MDR services of their solution vendor

Key Capabilities
Prioritization of suspicious activities
Monitor and automatically correlate endpoint events, with prioritization of suspicious event chains in the form of incident alerts.

Automated MITRE ATT&CK® attack chain visualization and interpretation
Unlock minutes-not-months incident investigation guided by an automated visualization and interpretation
of the attack chain. Mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework (from Reconnaissance to Discovery), explains in an easy-to-understand way how the threat got in, spread, what damage it caused, and how it hid its tracks.

Intelligent search for Indicators of Compromise (IoCs)
Automated threat hunting capabilities help service providers streamline and focus efforts on highly
prioritized IoCs of emerging threats based on an actionable threat intelligence feed.

Single-click, holistic response
Unlike pure-play cybersecurity solutions, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud brings the full power of its platform
with integrated capabilities across the NIST framework for real business continuity.

You need to know what you have to fully investigate into it and protect it. Our platform includes both inventory and data classification tools to help you better understand attack surfaces.

Close security vulnerabilities using our threat feed, forensic insights, and natively integrated tools like data protection maps, patch management, blocking analyzed attacks, and policy management.

Continuous monitoring using automated behavioral- and signature-based engines, URL filtering, an emerging threat intelligence feed, event correlation and MITRE ATT&CK®

Investigate threats and conduct follow-up audits using a secure, remote connection into workloads or reviewing automatically saved forensic data in backups. Then, remediate via isolation, killing processes, quarantining, and attack-specific rollbacks.

Ensure systems, data and the customer business are up and running using our fullyintegrated, market-leading backup and disaster recovery solutions

Integrated backup and recovery capabilities for unmatched business continuity

  • Integrated backup and recovery capabilities, providing unmatched business continuity where Point-security solutions fail
  • Streamlined single-click remediation and recovery
  • Complete, integrated protection across the NIST security framework — Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover — all from a single solution.

Complete cyber protection solution – designed for MSPs – in a single agent

  • Quickly and easily launch new services using a single Acronis agent and console — to deploy, manage and scale
  • Easily scale across multiple clients while preserving healthy margins and minimizing OpEx — no need for a large team of highly skilled people to operate
  • Partner with a vendor focused on your success and enablement — not competing with you for business.
  • Optimized attack prioritization and analysis for rapid response

    • Streamline investigations with prioritization of potential incidents and reduced alert fatigue
    • Unlock minutes-not-hours analysis at scale, with automated correlation and AI-based guided attack interpretations
    • Increase visibility across MITRE ATT&CK® to rapidly grasp attack analysis and impact, including how an attack got in, what harm it caused, and how it potentially spread.

    Unmatched business continuity with a single-click response

    Remediate by network isolating endpoints, killing malicious processes, quartering threats, and rolling back attack changes.
    Investigate further using remote connections and forensic backups
    Prevent future attacks by blocking analyzed threats from execution and closing open vulnerabilities
    Ensure business continuity with integrated recovery including attack-specific rollback, file- or image-level recovery, and disaster recovery

    Rapid investigations and threat response

    • Cut investigation and response times from months to hours* and remove the need for large security teams to operate
    • Increase visibility with AI-based attack interpretations across MITRE ATT&CK® – rapidly grasp how an attack got in, hid its tracks, what harm did it cause, and how it spread
    • Get a prioritized view to investigate suspicious activities – rather than flat list of all alerts
    • Focus threat hunting using an emerging threat intelligence feed to search for IoCs
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