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Acronis Data Loss Prevention

Acronis Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a solution designed to help organizations protect sensitive data from accidental or malicious data loss, theft, or compromise. It uses a combination of data classification, encryption, and monitoring to prevent sensitive data from being lost, stolen, or misused.

With Acronis Advanced Data Loss Prevention, you can:

Minimize insider threats. Prevent data leakage due to employee negligence or malicious insiders by blocking any unauthorized attempt to access or transfer data.

Gain visibility into data protection. Reduce the complexity of data protection by using a single solution for thorough visibility over data flows and user behavior. Cut reporting times with powerful built-in reporting tools.

Enforce process compliance. Reduce information security risks and comply with IT security standards and regulations by enforcing data use and handling policies that users cannot avoid.

Stop data leaks at the source and strengthen compliance by using Acronis Advanced Data Loss Prevention, an endpoint DLP that is easy to learn, deploy, and manage.

Some key features of Acronis DLP include:

  • Data Classification:Acronis DLP can automatically classify and label sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and other personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Encryption: Acronis DLP can automatically encrypt sensitive data to prevent unauthorized access, theft, or compromise.
  • Monitoring: Acronis DLP can monitor data transfers and use and alert administrators of any potential data breaches, such as unauthorized data sharing or attempts to access restricted data
  • Data Loss Prevention Rules: Acronis DLP provides a set of pre-defined rules and policies that can be customized to meet an organization’s specific needs and requirements.
  • Integration: Acronis DLP integrates with other security solutions, such as anti-virus software and firewalls, to provide a comprehensive security solution that can help protect against data loss and theft.

Acronis DLP is designed to help organizations protect their sensitive data, comply with data protection regulations, and prevent data breaches and cyber-attacks.

How does data loss prevention work?
To protect digital data in their three fundamental states, DLP solutions implement three functional types to protect data in use, data in motion, and data at rest.

Data in use (DIU) DLP controls data access and transfer operations in local channels, peripherals & applications on endpoint computers, including removable, fixed, and redirected storage, clipboard, printing, and screenshot captures.

Data in motion (DIM) DLP prevents data leakage through network communications, such as email, webmail, instant messaging, social media, cloud-based and P2P file sharing, as well as HTTP(S), FTP(S), and SMB protocols.

Data at Rest (DAR) DLP discovers exposed confidential content in data stored on corporate IT assets, such as file shares and NAS, endpoint file systems, databases, document repositories, and cloud-based storage. If unprotected data is in the wrong place, DAR DLP can automatically initiate various remediation actions to prevent uncontrolled access to this data and its exfiltration.

Why is data loss prevention important?
There are many ways that data leaks can occur, including locally through peripheral devices and ports — such as printers and USBs — as well as through the network via email, social networks, instant messengers, or cloud-based file sharing. While some data access and transfer operations are legitimate, they still need to be strictly protected to ensure no inadvertent leakage due to user negligence. Others threaten to share sensitive data with unauthorized third parties and must be blocked entirely.

What types of businesses need data loss prevention?
Regardless of size, every company and organization needs to keep sensitive corporate information private. Examples of sensitive corporate information includes trade secrets, merger and acquisition plans, your corporate customer database, financial information, and planned product development activities. If this information gets leaked, your organization can suffer serious consequences, lose revenues and its competitive position in the marketplace, even go out of business.

Likewise, any organization that is in a highly regulated industry – such as government, healthcare, and financial services – and holds Personally Identifiable Information (PII), PCI (card information), Protected Health Information (PHI), or any consumer information that is subject to security/privacy requirements under a government or industry regulation needs a DLP solution.

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